February 9, 2017

RBA Tool Kit

There’s one thing that every coil builder needs, a set of reliable tools.

Having the proper tools for the job will make your coil building a lot easier and much more fun. Having to fumble around looking for household items you can use is a real pain. It’s much easier to unzip a nice kit and have everything you need.

Not everyone can afford to get a tool kit, which is fine. You can make due with household items for a while. A lot of us have been there and can relate. But as soon as you can fit it into your budget, you should consider getting a tool kit. You won’t regret it.

If you’re just a casual coil builder, making builds once a month, then you might just want to stick to rummaging around the house. A tool kit is an investment in making your life easier, For the price of a tool kit, you can buy a brand spanking new RBA. A tool kit is only worth it if you plan on building coils pretty frequently.

Complete Tool Kit For The Coil Building Pro

rba-tool-kitThis tool kit has everything you need. You can build everything from your most basic seven wrap coil to a monster quad-coil clapton build using this very kit.

It comes with 7 different tools, one 30ft spool of 24 Gauge Kanthal A1 wire, coil winders, Japanese organic cotton, a cleaning cloth, a case, and an ohm reader. You will be able to build several complete coils right out of the packaging.

My Favorite Tool

Out of this whole kit, there is one tool that I couldn’t live without. That’s the ceramic tweezers. The straight tweezers with the big white tips in the picture are the ceramic ones. They’re essential for any coil building machine.

I couldn’t tell you how much time I save because of these. After building a coil, unless you’re perfect, you have to repeatedly fire and squeeze the coil until it heats up evenly. If your tweezers conduct electricity, you have to fire until the coils are orange, stop firing, and then squeeze the coils.

When you have to do that over and over, it can take eons to get your coils in order. With the ceramic tweezers, you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process I just described.

Since ceramic is not a conductor of electricity, you can squeeze the coils while firing your mod. Being able to do that will make the process so much faster. You’ll be able to straighten your coils at lighting speed because you get to do it while they’re red hot.

If you build a lot of coils, this will save you hours every week. Even if you don’t build a ton of coils, it’ll still help you get a coil on that new RBA even faster.

Another Time Saver

rba-toolsThe coil winders are a another tool that saves me a ton of time. This kit comes with a 5 piece coil winding set, allowing you to make different size coils without a problem. When you use a screwdriver, it is enough to get the job done and that’s about it. It’s not ideal.

Whenever I build on a screw driver, it takes a while for me to get the coil heating up properly. That’s not the case when I use the coil winders. With these, I make nearly perfect coils every time. It’s just so much easier to build coils on them. You don’t have to worry about keeping the wire in place and applying a ton of pressure. Just lock the wire in and wind. It’s pretty nice.

Other Useful Tools

Well, everything in this tool kit is pretty darn useful. It is an RBA tool kit after all. You’ll use everything from the wire cutters to the screwdrivers. Another tool that you’ll be really glad to have is the ohm reader. You no longer have to build on your mod. You still can if you want to, but you don’t have to anymore. I like building on the ohm reader myself. It’s more stable and not as dangerous.

Some mods don’t turn off, they just lock. If you accidentally don’t lock your mod or unlock it you’re in for the jolt of a lifetime.

The ohm reader also doubles as a voltmeter. You might not use the voltage tester as much as the ohm reader, but it’s still a useful feature.

If you want to step up your coil building game, this is a kit you should definitely pick up. You can get it for just $30.60 at GearBest.