Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Explanation and Benefits

rdaA rebuildable dripping atomizer or RDA is an atomizer that does not have a tank and requires you to build your own coil. This alternative to using a prebuilt coil will take your vape game to the next level. You don’t need to build the perfect coil to have an atomizer that performs better than a pre-coiled clearamizer. Just build a coil that works and tweak it from there. Youtube has a ton of helpful resources for rebuilding your coil, and you’ll surely get better at it over time. Applying what you learn will be more beneficial than just reading about it, as experience is the best teacher.

There is an art to building a coil. A basic explanation of coil building is to wrap the nichrome or kanthal wire around a small cylindrical shaped screwdriver or something similarly shaped. There are actually kits that can help you make the perfect coil with a predetermined diameter. When wrapping the wire, it is important to make it as tight as possible. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just make sure it’s pretty tight. Even squeeze it at the end to make it tighter after you’ve finished building the coil.

Structure and Benefits

A rebuildable dripping atomizer has two main parts: a base and an enclosure. However, they do not have tanks or reservoirs to store the e-juice. To use an RDA you have to drip the e-liquid onto the coil through a drip tip. If the rebuildable dripping atty does not have a drip tip, you can just remove the housing, and drip the e-juice directly onto the coil until thoroughly saturated.

RDAs most commonly have either single or dual coil setup. There are more advanced builds, but we’ll save that for another article. The single coil configuration allows for a smooth experience with good clouds and flavor. The dual coil setup makes for massive clouds, stronger flavor, and a bit of a thicker and warmer drag.

Dual coil RDAs require more maintenance because you’re required to manage two coils and two wicks. As long as both coils are heating up evenly, and simultaneously, they’ll age about the same. They are great for competing in cloud chasing competitions and showing off to other vapers. If you’re into doing tricks, cloud chasing, and getting the best flavor, a dual coil RDA would suit you perfectly.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Functionality

troll face rebuildable dripping atomizerThe biggest functional difference with rebuildable dripping atomizers is that they DO NOT have a tank. You have to keep dripping your e-juice liquid onto the coils you’ve built the entire time you’re vaping (roughly every six or so drags). When you think about it, adding a few drips then doing six drags isn’t so bad considering a 10 -minute vaping session can consist of 15-20 drags.
You also get used to it which helps.

It’s just like driving a stick shift, painfully annoying in the beginning, but eventually, you get used to it and begin to appreciate the differences. The only downside is that there are maintenance requirements and the dripping can make for a bit of a scene. You will spill your e-juice from time to time. It happens to the best of us. Dripping can be a bit messy, but it’s worth it. I prefer to use this model in social settings, but not in professional settings. When driving, I (should) always use a model with a tank.

Appreciate The Little Things

Not too long ago, there weren’t many choices on the market. Now new options are popping up all the time. My advice would be to start building once you’ve gotten past the beginning stages of vaping. Play around with several builds and see which one best suits you. Most of my buddies have a rotation of a couple of different RDAs, and RTAs they cycle through every week.

RDAs come with the inconvenience of having to drip your e-juice liquid onto your coils every six hits or so. Just like with cars, some people prefer manual; others prefer automatic models. True vaping aficionados enjoy both for different reasons. RDAs are the manual vehicles in the vaping industry. If you can appreciate the differences, you’ll find both manual and automatic models enjoyable. One of the most obvious benefits is the potency of the e-juice liquid. With traditional models, the coil sits near the bottom, and the vapor has to travel up a chamber before entering your mouth.

As the vapor is traveling up the chamber, the flavor dissipates. Very long or very wide chambers can affect the purity and potency of your vaping experience. Thus, when working with high-end e-liquids, it’s best to use a dripping atomizer.


I do not recommend RDAs for beginners, not because they’re complicated, but because they require you to continue dripping e-juice liquid the entire time you’re vaping. It turns people off, and I don’t want them to have a cumbersome first vaping experience. They’re more of a manual model than the attys that include a tank. And you’ll have to build your own coils. If you’re not a beginner, you should definitely give RDAs a try. The flavor and clouds are worth the effort. All vapers should eventually dip their toe in the water and test out a good rebuildable dripping atomizer.