Vape Starter Kit Perfection

vape starter packThe perfect vape starter kit must be three things, easy to use, easy to maintain, and powerful. The Kanger TOPBOX Mini starter kit is all of the above! The technology used is both user friendly and cutting edge.

It’s small, but powerful and fits snugly in your hand. The TOPBOX Mini is durable and has a removable 18650 battery slot, which makes it perfect for an all day vape.

The Best Vape Starter Kit

It consists of the TOPBOX Mini and the KBOX Mini. The TOPBOX Mini is an upgraded version of the wildly popular Kanger SubTank Mini. The SubTank Mini is the go-to tank for thousands of people. It’s super reliable, easy to operate, and produces quality vapor. The dual adjustable air flow gives you great control and flexibility. One of the upgrades to the TOPBOX Mini is that it is a top filling tank. Top fill tanks are much easier to refill and are less prone to leak.

TOPTANK Mini Specskanger toptank mini

  • 4ml tank capacity
  • top fill
  • double o-ring leak prevention seal
  • NI200 Nickel 0.15 ohm temperature control coil
  • 15 – 60W SS 0.5 ohm coil
  • 18 – 70W Clapton 0.5 ohm coil
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Gold-plated, spring loaded 510 connection

The mod is the KBOX Mini. It fits nicely in your hand and is easily portable. Don’t let the size fool you though. It’s not lacking in features at all. The KBOX Mini comes with the most up to date temperature control technology. When you use the  NI200 Nickel coil, you can set the temperature anywhere from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s beast!

The KBOX Mini also allows you to use a wide variety of coils. It is compatible with nickel, stainless steel, kanthal, titanium, and nichrome coils. Some of the other state of the art technology used in this mod include a magnetized battery cover and an OLED screen that displays wattage, voltage, temperature, resistance, and battery life. That’s what makes this the perfect vape starter kit. It gives the you all the information you need to vape safely and enjoyably

Speaking of safety, the KBOX Mini also includes short circuit protection. Some devices don’t have any protective features which means you could blow up your battery. With the Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit, you won’t have to worry about that.

KBOX Mini 75W TC Specskanger kbox mini

  • 7 – 75W output
  • 0.1 ohm minimum atomizer resistance
  • 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit temperature control
  • Magnetized battery cover
  • 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Screen displays wattage, voltage, temperature, resistance, & battery life
  • Easy to use, three-button interface
  • Convenient micro USB charging
  • Gold-plated 510
  • Short circuit protection

Keep It In The Family

lg 18650 2500mAh vape battery

One of the cool things about the Kanger TOPBOX Mini 75W TC Starter Kit is that the mod and the tank are made by the same company. There’s nothing wrong with having different brands, but having one company design both has its benefits. After all, who would know how to design a device that works better with Kanger devices than Kanger themselves? Hopefully no one.

Since the tank and mod were meant to be used together, they work flawlessly. It also saves you a lot of time. When piecing together your own set up, you have to do your research. You have to make sure the devices have compatible connections, the proper resistance, powerful enough mod, hybrid vs regular, etc.

For example, if you put an RDA on an ego vape pen, you won’t be sending enough power to the RDA. You can save yourself the trouble by ordering a starter kit, especially one like this where the company makes both pieces.

vape starter kit kanger


Make sure you remember to buy a battery if you do not already have one. The KBOX Mini takes one 18650 battery. Click here to get a three pack of high capacity 18650s from the same company that sells the Kanger TOPBOX vape starter kit.

As you can see, we love the Kanger TOPBOX starter kit, even though their usage of all capital letters is annoying. We highly recommend you pick one up today. These are excellent every day vapes. You can buy the Kanger TOPBOX Mini here. Happy vaping!